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Hassan Abbasi Slams Erdogan and Gul Foreign Policy on Syria

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During his appearance last year at the Hezbollah Cyber Summit of 2012, Hassan Abbasi slammed the newly endorsed foreign policy of Turkey’s leaders, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Abdullah Gul.


Abbasi argued that the duo undermined the resistance in the region by openly assisting foreign militants into Syrian territory. Syria is seen as an ally of Iran and a corridor supplier of Hezbollah and various Palestinian groups. The charismatic theorist further argued that Syria, the Palestinian Resistance and the Lebanese Resistance represented a triangular Sword of Damocles.


Abbasi, who is a political scientist and heads the Center for Doctrinal Strategic Studies also said he insisted that the AK-Party had never assumed a coherent Islamic position and that historically speaking, it is not deemed an ally of Iran. Monitor Mideast exclusively translated a segment from the meeting.



The stated aim of the conference referred to as “Syria, the First Line of Defence” is to increase public awareness about what is going on in Syria, in light of the battles waged between government forces and various militant groups supported by the West, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.