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Hunting the Dahieh Bombers

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Lebanese security forces seized a car after a suspect was found to be carrying explosive materials. A ‘new’, silver-colored Audi with forged plates was filled with explosive compounds in the trunk. The car contained 4 boxes of dynamite and 3 nitrate bags including fuses and other material.


The total weight of the explosives was an estimated 250 kilograms. The car was not yet set to be used immediately for a terror attack. Lebanese civilians of the Dahieh district in Lebanon were warned to remain at home after terrorists planned and carried out an attack on August 16 in Lebanon’s southern suburb. Lebanese security forces and Hezbollah have been hunting the culprits since the bomb attack was initiated.


The Kuwaiti Al-Rai newspaper said on Friday evening that the Internal Security Forces Intelligence Bureau carried out three raids in ‪Beirut‬ to arrest suspects linked to Thursday’s ‪Dahieh‬ blast. A ‪Lebanese‬ national, ‪Syrians‬, and ‪Palestinians‬ were arrested in a raid in the Tariq al-Jadideh neighborhood.