Monitor Mideast


Monitor Mideast is a state-of-the-art initiative pursuing to improve the flow of information from the Middle East and North Africa regions. The website attempts to reach the outside world by translating and writing all material into the current lingua franca, giving the general public an in-depth look into news and television from MENA territories. Monitor Mideast distinguishes itself from similar services by translating articles, videos and an array of other media within the realms of a single conduit. In addition, the content and insights offered on this site are fully independent and free of charge.


In the future, Monitor Mideast seeks to publish a wide variety of translated television segments with English subtitles. The organization accommodates in-house recording capabilities from Badr C2/3/4, Arabsat 2B/2C/3A, Hot Bird 2/6/7A/8 and Nilesat.


Reminder: Monitor Mideast fully distances itself from promoting terrorism, hate speech, extremism, racism by translating television broadcasts or adding editorials. Selecting media or news segments are done on the basis of data obtained from our target audiences.



Newest Line of fire Not sure how this runs out eventually
Newest Line of fire Not sure how this runs out eventually

Syrian President Assad delivering his inaugural speech after his electoral victory. During his…